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32Red Golf Betting – In-Depth Review

How To Place A Bet On Golf At 32Red?

A leading UK sportsbook with highly competitive odds and an excellent user experience, the 32Red golf betting experience ranks highly among rivals.

To get bets on via mobile devices, players simply need to navigate to the hamburger menu symbol and scroll down the All Sports section, which pops up on the left-hand side of the screen. The sports are listed in alphabetical order. The number of different markets available is listed next to the sport. A similar journey is required for users on a desktop device.

Main Golf Tournaments To Bet On At 32Red

Thanks to a dedicated team of golf betting traders, 32Red can provide comprehensive betting markets on all golf’s most important competitions. Check out some examples below.


Betting On The Masters At 32Red

Arguably the cream of the crop of all major golf competitions, The Masters is renowned for the awarding of the Green Jacket to the victor. Founded in 1934, it takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club every April. Legend Jack Niklaus has won the most Masters titles with six Green Jackets to his name.

The team at 32Red Sport ensures any customers betting on golf have brilliant odds and plenty of specials in recognition of the tournament’s importance.


Betting On The PGA Championship At 32Red

The first-ever PGA Championship was held in October 1916. Originally a matchplay event, the tournament adopted the stroke play format by 1958 and it has remained this way ever since. Jack Niklaus and Walter Hagen have both won this tournament five times, a record that remains intact.

Much like The Masters, this tournament is a massive opportunity for golf enthusiasts to explore the full 32Red sports betting potential.


Betting On The British Open At 32Red

First held in 1860, the Open is the oldest golf tournament in the sport! In its inaugural meeting, only eight golfers gathered to do battle. Now, 156 of the world’s best players take to the field, making it one of the hardest to predict. Harry Vardon holds the record for the most Open titles, winning it six times!

Watch out for special offers galore on The Open with 32Red, while there will also be thousands of live golf odds at amazing value for in-play bettors.


Betting On The European Tour At 32Red

Boasting a reputation as one of the leading professional golf tours in the world, the European Tour comprises several tournaments organised into an annual schedule.

Beginning in 1972, the tour has evolved over several iterations over the years. Currently, the best-performing players at the end of the season will compete in the mega-rich Race To Dubai tournament. The late Seve Ballesteros has the most European Tour wins, with 50 triumphs under his belt over the course of his career.


Betting On The US Open At 32Red

Another massive event in the golfing calendar for those that bet on golf is the US Open, which offers the most prize money of all golf’s majors.

There are thousands of pre-tournament and live golf betting markets available at 32Red. Players should check the promotions section for special offers ahead of tee-off.

Betting On Golf Team Events At 32Red

Though the majority of 32Red golf betting markets surround tournaments involving individuals, there are also team events that remain extremely popular among enthusiasts betting on golf. A notable example is the Ryder Cup, which pits the best European golfers against leading US golfing figures.

The types of golf betting odds available on team events like the Ryder Cup include matchplay betting markets, handicap markets, and many other betting chances.


Live Betting On Golf At 32Red

There are several key differences between regular betting on golf and live betting on golf. For example, were you to engage in The Open golf betting before play begins, all of the prices are fixed, save for minor amendments made by traders. Players can bet on the tournament winner, hole-in-one, and hundreds of other select markets.

When play begins on the golf course, the in-play betting services at 32Red are activated, and the odds become dynamic and subject to big swings. Odds can change with the swipe of a golf club and can depend on many factors, including how well a player is performing. There are several advantages of betting in-play, but the most prominent is how it can benefit the most knowledgeable golf fans. The sport’s biggest followers can recognise subtle shifts in momentum and put in place a golf betting system from which they can extract the most value.


Mobile Betting On Golf At 32Red

The mobile betting experience at 32Red is highly optimised. It concentrates on the quickest possible navigation for those of you betting with your phone, which is especially beneficial for in-play markets.

Many golf tournaments can be fast-moving and dynamics can change quickly, which is why a smooth user experience is vital.

Main Types Of Golf Bets

There are many different markets to consider when embarking on your journey at 32Red Golf, but there are some that are more common than others, especially when the majors come to town. Check out the main types of golf bets below.


Betting On The Outright Winner at 32Red

The simplest market on paper, but it is also one of the hardest to get correct. The nature of golf tournaments makes it such an open field at the beginning of play. Even favourites can often provide double-digit returns on a £1 stake.

The Outright Winner market requires players to predict the champion. Most of the best betting sites in the UK will allow punters to back a golfer each way. That requires players to double the stake, but benefit from returns if their player finishes within the pre-set placings.


Betting On The Top 5/10/20 At 32Red

A safer bet than the Outright Winner market is to predict where a golfer will finish in the field. Should you back a player to finish in the top five, for example, and the player finishes fifth, you will win your bet.

The odds are reduced due to the increased likelihood of a bet coming in, but it remains a popular wager for those looking for less volatility in their golf betting.


Betting On Head-to-Head And 3-Way Odds At 32Red

In matchplay tournaments, where players advance through the rounds by defeating their opponent, bettors can back golfers in head-to-head markets. The odds are much shorter in these instances because there are only two outcomes.

If golfers are participating in a tournament in a group of three, 32Red Golf will offer up markets as to who will finish with the best score. It is known as a 3-Way betting market.

Betting Markets Beginners Should Avoid At 32Red

The betting landscape can be a daunting one, particularly for beginners. Deciphering British Open odds, understanding Masters Golf betting, or breaking down PGA championship betting tips requires an innate understanding of betting and the sport.

If you’re a beginner, here are some betting markets you should avoid when starting out.


Top Nationality Betting At 32Red

There are hundreds of players from several different nationalities that compete in a tournament, and predicting the top nationality is a tricky endeavour.


Hole In One Betting At 32Red

This is a bit of a lottery. The odds of a golfer landing a hole-in-one are estimated around the 2,500/1 mark, though the chances of any hole-in-one in a tournament are much lower due to the number of players participating in an event. There is no skill required for this bet and it doesn’t represent a good entry level for new golf bettors.


Each Way Betting At 32Red

As we described above, each way betting doubles the player’s outright winner bet, while reducing the odds. If a golfer finishes within the nominal placings and the player has backed them each way, they will get returns according to the place part odds.