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Place Your 32Red Basketball Bets Online

Basketball betting is among the favourite forms of gambling, and when paired with 32Red, live streaming, and bonuses, you get the ultimate basketball betting experience.

32Red Basketball Betting Options

Want to bet on basketball? With 32Red UK punters can choose between betting on matches or tournaments in major championships. These two options can make a vast difference in the outcome of a punter’s online bet when considering their knowledge of a sport, team, or player and should be considered.

Betting on Basketball Matches

Betting on basketball matches provide punters with the ability to bet on multiple games within a tournament. Making use of a money line bet is advisable when betting on basketball matches as inexperienced or experienced punters can simply bet on which team seems the strongest.

Betting on Basketball Tournaments

32Red basketball gives punters many options in betting on tournaments including the NBA and NFL. For the best basketball odds make use of the live betting options by streaming each match in a tournament and studying all injury reports to speculate which players may not be in the best shape.

Betting Live on Basketball with 32Red

Live betting and streaming further sets 32Red apart from many other basketball betting sites due to its dedication to providing a comfortable and reliable means of placing bets while streaming. With in-play betting, you have the ability to place bets as each team or player may improve or weaken with their match strength. Simply watch out for the red box with ‘’LIVE’’ text to start streaming and betting live with 32Red basketball.

Most Popular Basketball Tournaments to Bet On

Depending on your experience in prospecting and how well you know basketball you may want to try betting on the following formats and matches first as it will be easy to find information on the teams and previous win results.



Betting on college basketball can be a great experience in getting to know your local teams, and 32Red makes it easy to bet on the most important college basketball matches happening all over the world. 


Summer Olympics Basketball

32Red believes in providing a large variety of games to bet on, and with the summer Olympics bringing basketball fans more matches to bet on the men’s summer Olympics tournaments have gotten popular with many bettors.


FIBA World Cup

FIBA (International Basketball Federation) World Cup stands as a favourite not only among basketball fans but sports fans overall. With large events such as this punters can consider the pint spread betting market to stand the best chance at bigger wins.


FIBA EuroBasket

The FIBA EuroBasket brings more than 24 teams together for an international championship of basketball. Also referred to as the European basketball championships this tournament stands as a favourite among 32Red members looking to make larger bets.


Final Four Euro League

Arguably the ultimate tournament to bet on with 32Red. Betting on the overall results of the entire championship of the European-wide top-tier level EuroLeague professional club basketball competition can provide great wins.


Spalding Hoophall Classic

The Spalding Hoophall Classic is a 3-day event bringing various college basketball teams together to battle it out at the historical Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. This is a competitive event that demands 32Red punters to consider all possible win-lose outcomes.

32Red Mobile Basketball Betting

Betting on basketball at 32Red is not just one of the most reliable and easily navigated online sportsbooks for desktop; the same goes for mobile betting. 32Red mobile helps punters to access all their favourite sports betting tools that they have grown to love on the desktop site. View basketball odds, place bets, and stream your favourite matches and tournaments directly from your mobile device. Not a member yet? View the current 32Red promotions and sign up for sports-specific bonuses.


Most Common Basketball Betting Mistakes

Betting on basketball demands a lot more than simply placing a bet. Whether betting on the NBA championships, watching the game points, or betting on the most profitable betting markets, there are a lot more to consider for a greater chance at winning. Here we take a quick look at common mistakes made by those not familiar with basketball betting.


Not Familiar with the Sport

In order to place successful bets knowledge of the sports and the players and rules are crucial. Without knowledge about the specific sport or basketball team that is playing, punters will not have a great chance at a winning bet. Study the sport of basketball extensively before placing large bets on 32Red.


Ignoring Team Form & Injuries

The way in which the game progress highly depends on the team players who will be taking part in the particular game and whether they have had any recent injuries. Betting on a team or player who has had multiple injuries recently is not the best strategy.


Avoid Betting on Your Favourite Team

This might be the urge of every basketball fan when making their first bet, but this is not always the best idea. Even though a punter would have a lot of knowledge of their favourite teams the sports passion might get in the way of making a wise bet.


Manage Your Bankroll Correctly

Betting too much of your budget out on one play can end your betting spree quickly and result in big losses. A simple rule of thumb would be to only use 3% of your account funds on a single bet. This would help you have more chances to bet resulting in more chances to win.

What to Expect with 32Red Basketball Betting

32Red basketball betting provides you with the ultimate odds in the industry with newly designed promotions specifically for sports on offer frequently. The majority of betting sites in the UK do not come close to 32Red basketball odds or provide sports-specific bonuses, and a chance to bet on the most well-known tournaments in the sport. Consider joining the best betting site in the UK and share your love for the sport with 32Red.